Here are recounts of how we spent our 60ths

Leonard Engleberg The birthday bash was a total surprise. Ida had been working on this in secret for 2 months, sending out invitations, following up on out of town guests and arranging transportation for older relatives and friends who don't drive. My sister had come in from Dallas and her daughter drove in from Dallas also ,with her 2 children. My 2 sons came in from Calif. and St. Louis and all this was explained as a family get together staged around the Memphis in May Barbeque Fest. Made sense to dumb me. The day started as an outing to the Pink Palace for the kids. Ida was mysteriously called away to work and we were to meet up for dinner at Corky's after she got off. My son Paul escorted me there and I innocently waited downstairs while those ahead of us were seated. Then they took me upstairs where I was greeted by a roomful of people yelling Happy Birthday. My first response was" I don't even know this many people." ENGELBERGL_BASH.JPG (337057 bytes) It was a great evening. Ida had invited high school chums, neighborhood friends, drugstore customers, and family. Quite a mix. Must have been good because nobody left early. One of the highlights was being sung Happy Birthday to (a-la Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy) by Alec's (my son) girlfriend, Hillary. She is an opera singer and has a beautiful voice. She did an Italian aria, then Happy Birthday. I was speechless which is a lot to say for me. So 60 ain't bad. Hope everybody else has and event like this.


Bobby Pepper


Buddy Boswell

To commemorate their 60th birthdays, Buddy Boswell and Bobby Pepper were treated to a surprise four-day trip to New Orleans, compliments of their wives, Diane and Lynn.

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Curtis Crenshaw Here are some pictures from my 60th birthday party with many friends attending (not shown).  One friend there (David Merriman, not shown) I've known from the first grade at Peabody elementary school.  The objects in my hand tell the story of some of the pictures.  It was a great time that I shall cherish.  I'm reminded of what God said: "What is your life?  It is a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away" (James 4:14). 

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Larry Solomon Birthdays at our house all come at the same time. My birthday is July 29th. Mark, our son was born on July 30th. Jo Ann, my wife was born on July 31st. Taylor, my granddaughter is also on July 31st.  We usually have just one big party. This year, being my 60th, we had the event at the Hobbits Glen Condo's party room. Everyone invited their own friends and Corky's BBQ was served. About 45 people of all ages attended.

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